We Want Every Visit To Feel Like Coming Home

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Welcome To Our Practice!

We look forward to serving you and your pet with the best possible veterinary care. We utilize the most current standards of care, and we specialize in providing comprehensive wellness care to keep your pet healthy now and in the future.

Here at Lake Pine Animal Hospital, we believe that your pets are not only your companions but members of your family and ours. Our care is centered on the goal – to create meaningful and lasting relationships – so you and your pet can feel comfortable during your time in our clinic.

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Why Us?

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    We Love Your Pets Like Our Own

    We offer individualized, compassionate, and trustworthy care for your furry family members.

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    The Safer Way to Get Your Pet’s Meds Online

    We work hand-in-paw with our own trusted online pharmacy partner. Great prices, guaranteed products, and free delivery!

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    Wellness Testing

    We offer early-detection blood tests designed to detect early or hidden diseases in pets that appear to be healthy!

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    Family Owned, Independently Operated

    We treat you like family because we are family! We are proud to be independently owned and operated.


Our Clients say...

Dr. Katz and all of the staff at Lake Pine Animal Hospital has been wonderful with our pets. We just recently adopted 2 little kittens, and I am delighted and reassured to know that we already have such a wonderful vet, who I know will provide excellent care for our new little additions.

Cindy W.

Everyone was wonderful and they took great care of me too! They saved Barnaby! 

Alison D.

I take two large dogs and a cat to them for care and occasional boarding. Their service is excellent and are highly capable of diagnosing any current or potential problems. Good people too!

Robert N.

Dr. Katz knows her stuff (I’ve had dogs for forty years) and the staff is very accommodating and congenial. I have not had a problem with a same day appointment.

Jane S.

I’ve never had any problems getting my kitties in same day when needed. I love the family-like atmosphere and small, close-knit staff, that work so well together.

Dawn B.
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