Dr. Amanda Newton


A life-long animal lover, Dr. Newton decided she wanted to be a veterinarian when she was six years old. Fortunately, her family fully supported her dream even at this young age. Growing up in Westchester County, NY, she developed a passion for horses, and she was often found at the barn riding and helping to take care of them. She got to know the local equine veterinarians and worked with a small animal veterinarian who had a special interest in exotics and wildlife. 

After high school, she attended Clemson University, which was one of the best decisions she ever made. She received an amazing education, and having lived in New York all her life, she appreciated the opportunity to learn about a different area of the country and its culture. She competed on Clemson’s IHSA Equestrian team and met her future husband during her sophomore year. After graduation, she attended veterinary school at North Carolina State, where she decided to become a small animal veterinarian and keep horses as a hobby. She has been in practice as a small animal veterinarian locally ever since. Her veterinary interests include dermatology, internal medicine and geriatrics.

As a general practice veterinarian, what she enjoys most is meeting new clients and patients and developing long-lasting relationships with them. She and her husband live in Apex with their daughter, two dogs and two cats.