What are some common symptoms associated with allergies in dogs?

In dogs, allergies can be related to food, environmental factors, or external parasites like fleas. The most common symptom is skin-related issues. Pets can also experience human-like allergy symptoms such as congestion, runny eyes, and runny nose. Some signs that your pet may be suffering from allergies include licking their legs, feet, or butt and experiencing recurrent ear infections.

Dr. Samantha Williams
Lake Pine Animal Hospital

What is the difference between food allergies and environmental allergies in pets?

Food allergies are usually caused by something the pet consumes daily, while environmental allergies tend to be seasonal. If a pet's allergy symptoms worsen during a particular season, it is likely an environmental allergy. If the symptoms persist year-round, it is more likely a food allergy. The location of the skin irritation can also help determine the type of allergy. Flea allergies typically cause itching and irritation around the tail or along the back.

What treatments are available for dogs with allergies?

Over-the-counter products may help with mild cases, but more severe allergies may require prescription medications. Two common treatments available for pets with allergies are Cytopoint and Apoquel. Cytopoint is an injection usually given once a month, while Apoquel is a daily pill. Both medications have proven effective in treating allergies, and the choice between the two depends on the pet owner's preference and lifestyle.

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