Congrats Dr. Katz!Dr. Katz and UGA Bulldog

We are proud to celebrate and honor Dr. Katz's recognition on the University of Georgia's Top 100 Businesses

The University of Georgia Alumni Association has recognized Lake Pine and the work of Dr. Katz in their list of the 100 fastest-growing businesses owned or led by UGA graduates. 

The inclusion in the Top 100 Businesses list is a testament to Dr. Katz's leadership, innovation, and dedication to service. It also underscores the strong bond she's formed with the community and her commitment to fostering healthy and happy relationships between pets and their owners.

Congratulations, Dr. Katz, on this well-deserved recognition. Lake Pine's presence on this esteemed list is a testament to the positive impact you've had on the community through your compassionate care. Here's to many more years of success and excellence in veterinary medicine.