With all these ads on TV and in pet stores, how do you decide what the best food to feed your pet is? Here are a few tips when choosing!

  1. Use food for your pet's life stage (not all ages)- whether that is puppy/kitten, adult, or senior as they have different nutrient and calorie needs.
  2. Choose food with feeding recommendations on the bag based on weight, age, and calorie count.
  3. Avoid BEG diets- this means boutique, exotic, and grain-free, these foods are not typically regulated the same and just like with our diets, following fads/trends is not necessarily good for your body, grains should not be avoided unless recommended specifically by your vet.
  4. Look for the AAFCO statement on the bag- a nutrition claim that the food is complete and balanced for that particular life stage guaranteeing the nutrient levels.
  5. Look for a brand with a board-certified nutritionist on staff formulating the food along with a clear and transparent customer service hotline.

A few over-the-counter brands we highly recommend are Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Purina Pro Plan. If you have any questions or need help picking the best food for your pet, consult with your veterinarian.