Having regular examinations and up-to-date vaccinations are the best start to helping your pet live a healthy life. Our hospital is equipped to provide a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services to provide for your pets’ complete health care needs.

With an initial physical exam and blood screening, we can establish your what’s normal for your pet. This baseline exam will help us diagnose and treat any complications that may arise later on in your pet’s life. We encourage all pets have an annual physical exam as a preventative measure to help avoid illness and to identify early if there are any potential health issues (when it’s easier to treat and less costly as well). This is also a great time to meet with our veterinarians to ask questions about your pet and discuss any concerns that you may have.

At  Lake Pine Animal Hospital, we can provide the following personalized services:
  • Annual pet check-ups
  • Puppy and kitten care
  • Individualized vaccine protocols
  • Acute illness exams
  • Chronic disease monitoring and treatment
  • Joint (i.e. hips and knees) evaluations
  • Pain management and control
  • Emergency services
  • Referrals to Specialist care

We  offer an in-house laboratory to help us get faster results, so we can recommend treatment options in a timely manner.  We also offer testing with outside diagnostics laboratories to perform comprehensive and specialized testing.

Being proactive in your pet’s health care can give you peace of mind knowing what to expect as he/she matures. We focus on providing compassionate care for our patients with illness, and emphasize comprehensive preventative care for pets of all ages, all tailored to their individual needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health, please give us a call at 919-380-1157.